Join us for this two-day retreat which weaves personal and group training in the practice of mindfulness into a relate- able, creative, and effective experience. Whether you're interested in beginning a mindfulness practice for personal reasons, need help through a life or professional transition, or wish to apply the principles of mindfulness to your career, this retreat designed for you. Mindfulness is not something we strive for, it is the simple act of choosing to honestly notice where we are without judgement. It is the practice of accepting and cherishing what is. When you allow yourself to be where you are, you can create the moment, the life, that you want.

The Training: Throughout the weekend, you will learn to cultivate and experience the practice of mindfulness in a variety of different settings, allowing you to gain an understanding of how mindfulness is not simply something you do, it's a way to approach life. You'll move with your group and on your own through different elements of mindfulness practice including 1:1 personal coaching, guided meditation sessions, lectures on mindfulness integration, yoga, and meditation hikes. From 8am-6pm each day, you will be learning ways to become more present in what you do, and how to apply these skills to further your goals.

The Coaches:
Anna Greenwald, Registered Yoga Teacher and owner of On the Goga - Anna specializes in mindfulness integration through cognitive skill development and physical yoga practice. "My passion is simply helping people understand that they're already doing yoga perfectly," Anna says. "We teach exercises that create change and growth, but it's really allowing people to see yoga as an extension of themselves. A way to create joy, confidence, and that deeper sense of peace."

Katherine Bergan, is an Certified Professional Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher - Katie runs her practice between Philadelphia and Denver, serving as a thinking partner and empowering clients to create and cultivate more meaningful, authentic, and fulfilled lives. She specializes in Executive Coaching, helping executives and professionals reconnect with joy and passion to become more balanced and effective, and Life Coaching: career changes, passion projects, goal setting, self-actualization and cultivating your best life by setting action paths for pursuing dreams. 

The Food: A custom menu of mindfully selected foods will provide you with healthy, detoxifying energy to fuel your weekend. Start the day at the Breakfast Table including locally sourced produce, and cold-pressed juice. Lunches are served in the solarium or on one of our two cascading roof gardens with views of the Hudson River Valley. Dinner, served daily from 6-8pm, is a bounty of organic, local fare served in the unique style of Chef Arnoff.

The Spa: Enjoy full Water Spa access throughout your entire retreat, and even add to your experience with cleansing, in-room spa treatments including massages, facials, body treatments, and even aromatherapy turndown service.

Hudson River Valley Yoga retreat and mindfulness getaway vacation perfect for the weekend

What else you'll get: Each participant will be greeted in their room by their own personal Mindfulness Basket! Awaiting you on your bed will be a hand-selected basket of gifts including a mindfulness journal and stationery, mindfulness handbook, waterbottle, guided meditation CD and more.

You'll also enjoy free admission to the nightly activities at the Inn and Spa at Beacon including Waltzing Under the Stars, live music, and more.

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