The Best Yoga Retreats in the Hudson Valley

Yoga is the simple act of being exactly where you are in the moment. At the Inn And Spa At Beacon's yoga retreats, you'll create moments that you'll never want to leave. Join us for one of our yearly retreats, or book the Inn and Spa for your private group, and be led through an experience that infuses yoga, mindfulness, and positivity into every moment of your stay. From beginner yoga to advanced practice, we have a retreat that will change your life. 

It's really not about becoming someone new, it's realizing that you're already fully here in this moment.

Nama'stay: A Beginner's Yoga Retreat in Beacon, NY

The Experience
Join us for our two day yoga retreat delving into the practice of yoga from a  new perspective. Whether you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat or you are craving a mindset shift around your advanced practice, you'll leave this period of physical and mental exploration feeling empowered, excited and rejuvenated. Each day, you will be guided with your group through a varied experience of meditation, physical practice, and mindfulness integration you can carry forward....  Read More and Sign Up

Open Retreat Dates: Coming soon!
*private retreats may be booked at any time upon availability

Mind Into Matter: Mindfulness Coaching Retreat in Beacon, NY

The Experience
Join us for this two day mindfulness retreat that blends personal and group mindfulness techniques into a relatable, creative, and effective experience. Whether you are interested in beginning a mindfulness practice for your personal life, or wish to apply the principles of mindfulness to your company or career, this retreat brings lasting benefit. When you allow yourself to be where you are, you can create the moment, and the life, that you want... Read More and Sign Up

Open Retreat Dates: Coming Soon!
*private retreats may be booked at any time upon availability

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