Rooftop Yoga at The Inn And Spa At Beacon

The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga


As we step through the door of The Inn And Spa At Beacon, the serene paintings of Anamario Hernandez and the soothing colors of the hotel lobby/gallery capture our attention, and we begin to feel the stresses and noise of our daily lives relax.  This is why we came.  We ride up the elevator to the fourth floor solarium, and the soft music of a string quartet engages us as we pass.  We release it.  We walk out onto the lower roof garden, and the long view of the Hudson and the great Bridge in the distance reminds us of how much we appreciate our good fortune to live in the Hudson River Valley, a destination which has drawn artists since before the nation was born.  We walk up the stairs to the upper roof garden, and we focus on our breathing.  The Hudson River glistens in the distance. The serenity of the mountain views emerges into our field of vision.  We will be walking out on this roof garden throughout the year as the mountains slowly turn with the seasons, from brown in April to light green in May to rich green as the long days of summer go by.  The yoga mats are arrayed before us.  Our yoga instructor smiles in greeting.  We breathe the fresh air.  The mountains, the spring air, the birds, the Hudson River flowing in the distance, all help us to breathe in and release ourselves from our daily habits of thought, and re-center ourselves in a world much larger than our daily push and pull.  We look at each other, and we breathe and release.  We are appreciative of this moment. 


Rooftop Yoga begins May 23. Sunset Yoga at 7:30PM.  Mats provided. May Special: all classes $10 in May.

Roger Greenwald